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The YesHoney™ Story

Tirzah Johnson

YesHoney™ will be serving up fun retro sunglasses all Summer long.

People who have followed my business venture development throughout my program may be wondering what happened to my hairstyle application. Here’s the inside scoop–it is still happening, just not quite yet . Stay tuned…

When I first started my Masters I had 3 main ideas I was considering turning into a business.

The Problem.

The more books I read on successful entrepreneurial ventures, the more I found that I was missing something for each: The network reach, the documented experience, or the money reserved to build it without starving.

I needed to create a business experiment that would be more approachable to start. This would force me to gain the discipline, connections, and experience it would take to run more multifaceted business ventures.

It was time for some serious soul searching.

I read about meditation and the power visualizing your goals. I realized I was much more excited about the collateral values underneath my ventures:

  • Teaching others how to build their businesses.
  • Connecting people with resources.
  • Creating more opportunities for women of color to jump into design, development, multimedia production, PR and Marketing.
  • Creating scholarships to give back (my underlying goal of any of my ventures)

Building my goals one step at a time.

I redesigned my business model and recreated my Proforma plan based on this simpler concept and contemplated how being successful in this venture could fulfill those goals.

Let me tell ya, there is so much to be excited about with this venture which started with $40 and a little creativity. Here’s a quick rundown.

YesHoney™ Launched April 7th and we are already celebrating some successes:

  • Launched our eCommerce site.
  • Kickstarted our Instagram account.
  • Landed a blog feature with Grandeurous Girl.
  • Reconnected with over 200 contacts.
  • Received over 20 orders(a modest but a great start)
  • Booked a photoshoot with 5 models with a reach of over 6k IG followers!
  • Built a diverse creative marketing team.
  • Doubled our inventory for next month!

Setting Big Achievable Goals

YesHoney™ for Education

The ultimate goal of YesHoney™ is to create opportunities for new creatives to gain experience working with a real fast-paced company and keep finding ways to give back.

I really believe the best education you can get is by being hands on and actually doing what you’re trying to master(as you can see).

So YesHoney™ plans to begin offering internships for people who want to get their hands dirty and see what marketing, growth hacking, and PR are all about by summer 2019.

YesHoney™ Small Business Workshops

This could be you, but you haven’t come to a workshop.

At YesHoney™ we love to collaborate with creative businesses and entrepreneurs in win-win scenarios.






We plan to put together workshops with other brands such as to provide professional resources and foster the relationships between small-business owners, creatives, and freelancers beginning late Summer 2018.

. . .

This venture is one that takes the love of many to grow. I am happy to see that there are some true nurturing hands that are reaching out to be a part of the vision. Have an idea or want to talk about becoming a part of YesHoney™ Vision?

Feel free to contact us at I promise we don’t bite unless you’re chicken.

Much love,

Tirzah M. Johnson
CEO of YesHoney